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What's the fuss about silicone toys?

Have you ever wondered what the fuss is about silicone toys? Here are three (of many) reasons why you should opt for silicone toys for your little darlings...

At the bottom of this article, you'll also find our silicone toy recommendations!

Silicone toys for babies; stacking rainbow; stacking stones; bath boars; sorter; puzzle; bubble popper

Vibrant Colours and Designs:

Silicone toys come in a variety of playful colours as well as creative and fun designs. From imaginative shapes to ergonomic designs, silicone toys offer a wide range of options for creative exploration, turning your childs moments into a playful adventure. Then you might think - plastic toys fulfill the same function and are cheaper! But hold on... Silicone, unlike plastic, is non-toxic and odourless. There are no toxic nasties such as BPA, phthalates, lead, and PVC - which are known to be harmful to our health. The process of manufacturing silicone products,  as well as its decomposition, is a lot safer for the environment, too. 


The soft and squishy texture of silicone toys brings an extra element of tactile enjoyment. Not only does silicone easily adapt to temperature changes, but it also allows for thrilling sensations during play – such as your babies teething gums. All Silly Essentials are made with 100% FDA approved food-grade silicone, making them safe for chewing on! Silicone is also odourless (as we mentioned earlier) as well as noiseless. This makes it an ideal toy material for children with sensory processing challenges. 

Durable and hygienic:

The nature of silicone ensures easy cleaning, preventing the accumulation of bacteria. Silicone toys are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for most individuals without the risk of irritation or allergic reaction, which provides a safer playing experience. At Sillyboo, we treat children's safety as a priority - that is why all our silicone products are made with super-durable and non-breakable silicone. Silicone endures for decades unchanged- it won't scratch (thus prevent exposure to harmful substances), discolour, or break. Silly toys are made to last.

Here's a list of silicone toys we believe are best for your little tots:

  • Teethers - these are soft and kind to your baby's teething gums. FDA approved 100% food grade silicone is the safest material your teething baby can chew on. With a little bit of added texture, they can be a great massaging tool.

  • Pop-it fidget toys - these are flexible, durable, and stimulating, making it suitable and desirable for children (and adults) of all ages. They also provide much-needed sensory input; and help regulate emotions and behaviours.

  • Stacking arch / rainbow - these montessori stackers are very engaging - they will help to achieve those important milestones such as differentiation between colours and sizes. Practicing hand-eye co-ordination is vital at all early developmental stages.

  • Bath boats - bath toys in general have many benefits such as practicing the essential fine motor skills - touching, splashing, squeezing, squirting, and pouring. Combine this with silicone's resistance to water and mould, heat resistance, flexibility, and chemical inertness, and you've got the ultimate bath toy.

  • Bead / ring maze - the manipulation of beads or rings in a three-dimensional space will encourage your child's development of multiple critical skills. Colour and shape recognition, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination; sensory, visual and fine motor skills, are just some of the benefits of playing with maze toys.

  • And for the bigger bubz: Stacking stones - stacking objects of varying shapes and sizes will teach your child control of movements of their arms, hands, and fingers whilst developing balance and co-ordination. This is a perfect learning toy which aims to enhance cognitive development too , including social, emotional and language development.

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